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Has your computer been infected? I can remove those viruses, spyware, trojans and malware from your computer. As everyone is online, shopping and banking, hackers are taking advantage and tricking you into clicking links, which may look legit, then inadvertently downloading infected files.

Is your computer running a little sluggish? Lets remove junk files which accumulates over time, boost start-up time, repair registry files and remove those pre-installed software’s on your machine, what’s not needed.

Moving files from your old computer to your shiny new one, just got easier. Our Data Transfer service moves files, photos, music and videos, saving you time and stress. Maybe your computer wont boot, let’s recover your data from a working drive and move it to your new computer or save it to an external drive.

Do you need assistance in setting up a Grandstream VOIP Phone in your office? 

VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol ), is a technology that allows phone calls to take place over the internet. I can offer my recommendation on a VOIP provider and perform the setup and connect the phone(s), even create custom length ethernet cables.

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